Welcome to my website about Intergovernmentalism, Peace Negotiation and History

As a former peace ambassador and negotiator for the Parlement Mondial from 2004 – December 2010, I am involved in the development of communication between a broad range of countries like Gambia, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Liberia. I have always been fascinated by the thought of a republican, democratic world-parliament based on the principles of liberty as envisioned by Lord Alfred Tennyson where countries are represented according to the number of their inhabitants.

Recognizing eternal principles like Western Universalism and Eastern Confucianism as basis of conflict management and negotiation within the fabric of the history, is the first step of enlightenment that will help us shaping our future outside the vicious circle of eternal repetitions of past wars. The Philosopher Immanuel Kant answered the question: “what is enlightenment” in 1784 as follows: Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed immaturity.



Sincerely yours

George Reiff

Chair Professor Nan Jeon University (http://www.nju.edu.tw/ChairProfessor.aspx)
Honorary Professor Angkor University (http://www.angkor.edu.kh)
Visiting Professor Ecole Superieure Universitaire Cotonou (http://www.esucotonou.fr/)