My family in the wider sense is originally franco-german and members (Michel Christophe and Jean Georges Adam Reiff) of it have participated in the Napoleonic wars between 1792-1815 on the French side and have been awarded the St. Helena Medal 1857 by Napoleon III. The medal is still in family possession though the current generation is nowadays (for the last three generations) of German nationality as migration occured and various areas changed hands between both countries repeatedly. Our “tribal” affiliation is ripuarian – frankish and came first to historic mention through Jordanes in his 551 book Getica (The Origin and Deeds of the Goths) as allies of Roman Generalissimus Flavius Aetius in 451 “Hi enim affuerunt auxiliares: Franci, Sarmatae, Armoriciani, Liticiani, Burgundiones, Saxones, Riparii, Olibriones…” where Franks (Salian Franks) and Riparii (Ripuarian Franks) are listed separately.

I have been honorary professor for History at Angkor University since 2013. My education in Political Science, Economic History and especially History is obtained through institutions in the Americas and Asia. Scientifically I am very interested in historical anomalies and I favor a non-creationist catastrophism and Graham Hancock’s theory of a highly developed pre-diluvian root civilization over the mainstream notion that historical development has been a linear one. Moreover, I agree with Imanuel Velikovsky on the psychological mass-mechanism of historical amnesia in the light of catastrophic events. Considering modern catastrophism as “creationism” is obviously a moot point in my opinion as both mechanisms, respectively that of evolution and also that of creation are clearly visible and tangible in our environment and history. Mistaking cyclic developments as linear may be the greatest lapsus of our time despite our technical evolution.

As a former Peace Ambassador of the Parlement Mondial, I traveled from 2004 on a great deal between Africa, Europe and Asia ( till my retirement from this intergovernmental body on 31.12.2010 ) in order to promote peace and understanding and a one world identity on a humanist, republican and democratic basis with the ideal of advancing the ascend of mankind.

I am a strong supporter of a continental Pan European Identity in connection with a deep and lasting French-German friendship and I support also democratic grass roots One World Movements (like those inspired by Garry Davis) of our modern time (if they are based on the principle of liberty and a true republic) as I considers this a logical step in the cultural evolution of mankind. I am not, however, a friend of freak developments like the dictatorial Security Council of the UNO ( freak development like the terror instrument of the French Revolution called Committee of Public Safety) or of military conglomerates like NATO which are obviously just instruments to impose the will of the stronger onto the weaker ones of our earth.

How come, for example, that in the case of UNESCO a real and true cooperation in regard to education with mutual respect of the countries is possible without any “security council” or similar neo-colonial body of oppression? How come that within UNESCO everybody has a say and nobody can dictate another? Shouldn’t that be how UNO is run?

One Europe, one World are excellent ideas – however, the mainstream execution of such goals are often full of flaws that need remedy. According to my view, one world is only possible with a working world parliament that is based on a house of representatives based on the population of the nations and a senate where the former countries/regions will be represented by a senator accordingly. A republican democratic world government is doable and more: it is desirable. A Pan Terran Identity is the next step in mankind’s cultural evolution. We are one though we need nonetheless our regions and our own separate cultural identities as this is a key factor of being human, too.

And we are (for good and for bad) not alone in the universe? The next 100-200 years will most certainly prove that. World reknown Scientist Professor Stephen Hawking who holds the same professorship in England that once was held by Isaac Newton, has a pretty interesting idea of what to expect , no less than that what the docile South Americans got when their “gods” came in 1489. While I am not convinced that we had necessarily such encounter in the past, the future is a wide and open field where a lot could happen. And how did the earth bound gods already behave? Always the same gods with the same attributes and the same behaviour world wide in Ancient History: whether Sumer, Egypt and India or the derivate cultures of Greece and Rome and those of the American Aztects, Mayas and Incas. And their departure and their promise to return.

Late US President Ronald Reagan obviously had similar suspicions about our place in the universe and expressed his concerns during the 42nd General Assembly of the UNO on  September 21, 1987 as follows: “In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world” . Well, and that from the mouth of one of the most powerful US presidents in history.

Further politicians who saw a probability were for example:

Sir Eric Geary, then-Prime Minister of Grenada who approached repeatedly the UNO General Assembly.

Former US President Jimmy Carter reported a sighting while being governor of Georgia, USA.

Former Arizona governor Fife Symington first ridiculed a mass sighting, while being in office in order to avoid ” a panic”. Later – after leaving office – he conceded that he observed the same phenomenon like thousand of his fellow citizens.

The Telegraph published a list with prominent “believers”, among them Michael Gorbachev, last Head of State of the USSR.