Who is Dominique Görlitz

Dr. Dominique Görlitz is a German PhD holder who follows in the footsteps of his mentor and role model Thor Heyerdahl. He continues the work of experimental exploration with raft-like boats derived from finds and depictions from pre-history and he has on various occasions proven their sea-worthiness during the different Abora missions. His dissertation was about the diffusion of plants and the huge difference between accidental diffusion by ocean stream alone and/or the helping hand of human navigators. By the way, the dissertation is available and it is one of the few ones, which are really interesting to read for a broader public. Dr. Dominique tends also to favor the diffusionist side of the spread of human civilization, which sees rather one root civilization that spread throughout the world than following contemporary mainstream opinion. In 2016 he demonstrated with the help of corporate sponsors that the lifting of heavy stones was possible with kind of primitive wedge-lifting technology during the Old Kingdom in Egypt. His website is http://www.abora.eu/index.php?id=2421 and he is certainly happy to receive support for his practical projects.

Are you in favor of Mr Daeniken’s or Mr Hancock’s view?

As a matter of fact, I honor the work of Dr. h.c. von Daeniken especially as a long-time outlook onto the future, while I hold Mr. Graham Hancock’s view for far more likely regarding the historical past. The anthropomorphic gods  are definitely described as humans and if we dig deeper we find that they must have been remnants of a technological developed, seafaring humanity that obviously did not share its achievements with most of the continental world. Needless to say, though, that our Galaxy is vast and the number of other Galaxies seems uncountable so far. Ergo: there is life out there but what form, what dimension, what location and development is has – who knows? Speculation right now. To be continued…

What is a Kentucky Colonelcy?

The title of Colonel is conferred in an honorary way as officer commission by some Governors of states in the United States of America like Kentucky, Alabama and Georgia and certain units of the Canadian Army. The origins of the titular colonelcy goes back to colonial and independence war times when such commissions were given for financing the local militia without actual expectations of command. This practice can actually be traced back to the English Renaissance when a colonelcy was purchased by a gentleman but the actual command would fall to a lieutenant colonel who had actual military experience. Usually, such honorary Colonelcies are granted for services rendered to the state or for extensive pro bono work.

It is noteworthy that the most known Colonel of the Governor’s Staff of Kentucky is indeed the late Colonel Harland Sanders, who was founder and owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken. So when people ask me what type of colonelcy I have, I always refer to Colonel Sanders because he got commissioned a Colonel by the State of Kentucky for making the state’s name known in the world through his very successful business.

Why are you in favor of a “One World”?

I have been asked this for quite some times now. First of all, I am absolutely against a culmination of the countries into a one world government for the purpose of making it easy for the banks and especially their hidden owners to steal even more money as they did already to date through Interest-on-the-Interest-Ponzy-schemes and the control of the world currencies. I am rallying for a going together into a republican and democratic form of a planetary government with a sound PUBLIC debt free currency system in order to take the next step within the cultural and even political development of mankind toward a Pan Terran identity. Single nations need to stop dreaming to dominate the world like the Russians and Communist Chinese are doing it right now or even the US cum UK are doing via the NATO. We humans destroyed ourselves and each other throughout our whole known history and the more I study it, the more I see only dictatorship and bloodshed after 20 years in the field. And I wonder whether this is not really enough meanwhile. A way out is indeed the implemention of the Declaration of Human Rights and the going together into a planetary government. However, at the same time, the regions our world need to be strengthened as people really have rather different ways of life. To try to unify those different ways of life is futile and foolish and it creates resentments up to civil wars. Therefore, we need a planetary government emerging from countless negotiations around the world that has the military and the federal power based on universal humanist laws derived from all world cultures like Christan universalism, Confucian universalism, Islamic universalism and Vedic universalism as well upon which all the nations states have to agree upon before the change to such a form of government occurs. As a logical consequence of managing conflicts, the laws that we cannot agree upon on a planetary scale must remain provincial laws where all the regions can create and maintain a way of life that is predominant there. Western values remain Western values in the West, Eastern values remain Eastern values in the East, Muslim regions have a Muslim culture as the leading one in the daily affairs and Christan, Buddhist and Hindu regions have their respective ways in their daily affairs. Nonetheless, we are all members of one humanity who must take responsibility for the whole and protect itself against inner destruction like the ongoing world-poisoning through Fukushima and sporadically occurring cataclysms and perhaps even more and more against possible outer dominance from afar.

A good basic start for such new planetary government  would be a bicameral World Parliamentary Assembly where each country could send in one representative per 10 million citizens in the regions. Smaller regions coming into being from small countries like Iceland, Luxembourg, Gambia etc. could nontheless send in one representative to represent them. Larger regions like the USA would for example send in 30 representatives and medium countries like Germany would send in 8 representatives. An upper chamber/Senate would consist of one Senator for each region. A president would be elected by the world populace and the prime minister would be elected within lower house by the representatives. All good faith democratic mechanisms that our world has to offer are employed in such an easy understandable but nontheless certainly doable system. Already in Sumer a bicameral assembly was present at King Gilgameshs time. So, 5000 years later, we should be able to implement that for us all. Needless to say that a constitution of the world would have to be worked out where the separation of regional and planetary authority and laws would have to be enshrined in order to guarantee us our ways of life on a regional level and our survival and efficient government on a planetary level as well. Also needless to say: predator capitalism/corporatism as much as open dictatorships of the various brands like communism, turbo- socialism, fascism and national-socialism would land where they belong: in museums and text books about a distant crude past.

When did you work for the Parlement Mondial?

I worked for the Parlement Mondial from 2004 – end of 2010. The last three years were as peace negotiator and mediator and I have met various statesmen and leaders during that time. As I found it too resistant to reform where reform was needed, we were not in synch anymore and I focused once more on academics. In 2013 Parlament Mondial’s presiding co-founder died and the movement split into three quarreling successor groups.

What was your greatest experience during your previous IGO career?

It was definitely meeting Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia. It was a surprise for me to see that he is a humble, friendly and quite normal gentleman. When I was 17 I saw him in a history book at grammar school and I would never have expected to meet him in person some 20 years later in 2008. I know that Prime Minister Hun Sen has many pros and many cons. People should not forget that politics in South East Asia are vastly different from the West and underlying Confucian thinking trumps Western Universalism. Whatever one thinks about Hun Sen, fact is that he was able to put an end to bloodshed in his country through shrewd negotiating. That he did it partially by integrating former foes into his new system and thereby splitting and melting up the Khmer Rouge is certainly questionable – but it worked and it brought lasting peace to Cambodia ever since. I definitely learned from meeting him that the biggest victories are not scored on the battlefield but at the negotiation table.

Who is Dr. Jose Rizal?

Dr. Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. Because he studied in Germany and because his first book “Noli me tangere” was published in Berlin, I took an interest in him already several years ago. Dr. Rizal spent every single minute of his life to educate himself in order to be proof to the paternalistic Spanish colonial system that people of colour (Asians were counted among them 100 years ago) can obtain the same amount of knowledge as their Western counterparts can. With this, it would be clear that all this stupid talk of colonial government as a form of benevolent leadership for the undeveloped, would be lead ad absurdum. The Spanish finally had him shot for his publications in 1896 but his school of thought lives on and even matches problems of our times. In my opinion, Dr. Rizal is the epitome of self-empowerment through education. He also stands for universal brotherhood among the people at the same time.


And this is something what we humans in my opinion urgently need: the planet is too small for devisions and factionalism as we have it now. However, universal brotherhood can certainly not be obtained like a David Rockefeller wants it for us: putting all of mankind in a corporate uniform and letting us work in misery for smallest remunerations. People are nowadays artificially devided. Instead of the “skin colour talk” of 100 years ago, we have now talk about religions (Muslim bashing is en vogue right now) and about historical monstrocities ( the Germans are badmouthed and surpressed into financial (EU bailouts) and military (US/NATO missions) obedience with the old Hitler story, whereas at the same time the Chinese happily print their equivalent Mao on their 100 Yuan bank note, Russian equivalent Stalin is also not too badly regarded there and the current Israeli government copies pre-Mandela South African homeland politics and applies it to Palestinians. This all must be worked out and left behind by the people of earth. I am confident that in the spirit of Dr. Rizal mutual respect, love and unity can be found and must be found.

By the way: a good documentary about the crimes of Stalin is certainly Edvins Snore’s Soviet Story . Various MPs of the EU Parliament have expressed positive opinions about it like Finnish EU MP Ari Vatanen who gave the following comment, which simply brings it to the point:

It is a powerful message. Thank you for telling the truth. It will awaken people.. We cannot build a humanity if we close our eyes to this kind of massacres. Our possibility is to serve justice to those people.

It is time that such documentaries beyond political agendas are also urgently made about Mao Zedong (Nummer 1 killer of mankind of all times according to reknown Professor Rummel with 61.000.000 million deaths), but also about Chiang Kai-Shek, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Franco, Salazar and all the others from Earth’s monster show and shown to the public instead of permanently focusing on Germany’s part in this only. Only when the truth about mankinds faults and WIDESPREAD genocides (178 million deaths of fellow humans in the 20th Century alone!!!) through all historical ages and encompassing all relevant peoples is widely known and understood without pointing fingers and without politically exploiting nations for their past, we may have a chance to leave this all behind us and take the next step in our cultural evolution as one mankind. This is my deep felt wish indeed.

Why are you member of the Knights of Rizal?

The Order of the Knights of Rizal is a gift of the Philippines to all people of the world. The organization dessiminates the teachings of Dr. Rizal for 100 years now and the Philippine Republic honored this quest by granting it status as Public Law Corporation with Act 646 in 1951. It is therefore my pleasure and honor to be part of this movement, where many different opinions and interpretations of the life of Dr. Rizal nonetheless bring together people of good will and kind heartedness. And so I am a proud member of the Knights of Rizal and their Chapter Commander in Thailand after introducing the first chapter there. We strive to make a difference in self-empowered education and we strive also for universal brotherhood!

Who is Silvio Gesell?

Silvio Gesell was born at St. Veith in nowadays Belgium as a son  of a German father and a French mother. In 1886 Gesell emigrated to Argentina and prospered as importer and manufacturer. During the World Depression of 1873 he became intenseley involved in currency and interest mechanisms. After he became convinced that money should only exist in a public function as means of economic exchange and not in its private function as hoardable item, he published his first work, Currency Reform as Bridge to the Social State (1891). In it Gesell described how to introduce unhoardable free money. In 1906 he published his main work The Natural Economic Order , which he wrote while being in retirment in Switzerland. Gesells prophetic thoughts regarding unchanged monetary and economic systems culminated in the following quote:

Despite the holy promise of the peoples, to abolish war for all times, despite the cry of millions: never again war! against all the hopes for a better future, I must say that: if the current monetary system, the economy based on interest, stays continuously in use, then I dare to opine that it will take not even 25 years before we are faced with another horrible war. I see this development clearly before me. Todays state of technology enables us to increase the world economy towards highest performance. Accumulation of capital will take place fast despite the losses incurred through the war and by over supply the interest rates will be lowered. Money will be hoarded then, people will keep it available in cash. The economic area will shrink and huge armies of unemployed will be on the streets. At many borders one will find a sign where is written: people looking for employment must not enter this country; only the Lazy with stuffed wallets are welcome. Like in olden times, there will be the idea to steal lands from other countries and canons will be manufactured and at least one will have created work for the unemployed again. Within the unsatisfied masses there will awaken wild, revolutionary currents and the poisonous plant Over-Nationalism will proliferate also. No country with understand the other country anymore and the end of all this can only be war again.

He said this upon the conclusion of WWI. 23 years later WWII began, inspired exactly by the political reasons he mentioned and backed up by exactly the very economic reasons, which he also clearly mentions. Will we finally learn as of 100 years later?

More information regarding this topic under “miscellaneous” and ” facts about economy”

Who is Nicolaus Cusanus?

Nicholas of Kues (1401 till August 11, 1464), was a bishop and cardinal of the Catholic Church from the Holy Roman Empire, and also a philosopher, theologian, jurist, mathematician, and an astronomer. He knew already that earth and other planets do not have perfect global shapes and that their orbits are not circles but ellipses and by doing so opening the possibility for Kepler’s (who called Cusanus divinely inspired in the first paragraph of his first published work) model featuring elliptical orbits of the planets around the Sun. He also found that not only earth and sun move but all celestial bodies and that therefore the navel of the universe was not the solar system. Outgoing from this,life and existence would therefore not be bound to earth alone. Most interestingly, during a journey on the River Rhein he observed the star spangled sky and perceived intuitively that earth cannot be alone the carrier of life but that there are many planets out there who have life. Cusanus did not in a nowadays mainstream scientifically verifiable way describe his theory of the universe: his assumptions are nonetheless accurate as we know today and they were based almost entirely on his own personal calculations and metaphysics.

What is the Ancient Astronaut Theory?

Admittedly, in the first moment it sounds strange: “ancient” and then in connection with something supermodern like “astronauts”. Well, the theory says that life on earth has undergone interference from outside, from extraterrestrials one would say. Such occurances are documented but misinterpreted by mainstream history according to the theory. Original gods like for example those of Sumer are considered as living beings from outside earth. Various out of place artifacts, uncanny text passages in ancient holy books and depictions of strange beings with halos and plump overalls are indicators of such visitation/intervention. The flying carts of India (Vimanas) and various stories within the Indian National Epos Mahabharata are as much scriptural indicators as the condensed version of Sumerian stories in the Bible and their Sumerian originals, of course. Also, various elements of the old Egyptian culture as much as the feathered serpent cult of South and Central America are object of this theory. The unexpected Anthromorphy of the “gods” are explained by Nobel Laureate Svante Arrhenius’s Panspermia Theory according to Dr. h.c. von Daeniken. Moreover, the Ancient Astronaut Theory can also at the same time refer to a technologically advanced part of humanity that was mistaken by lower developed cultures as gods. This would also explain the anthropomorphic gods and their obvious life on earth. Graham Hancock is the most serious proponent of this view in the field.

What is AAS?

The Archeology Astronautics SETI Research Association can look back on a decade long history as leading institution when it comes to understanding historical, cultural and archeological anomalies that may well be explainable by the notion of an alien or at least culturally advanced civilization. And, yes, I am a proud Life Time Member and Patron!” The A.A.S. R.A. is a forum for those who have an insatiable curiosity about our past and an intense desire to understand the world’s many mysteries, whether by exploration in the field or by hunting down clues in the archives. So, if it’s answers you seek, unsolved mysteries you want and adventure you crave, you have come to the right place!” Check it out here: http://www.legendarytimes.com . I would also recommend watching the German language series “Auf den Spuren der Allmächtigen” where the basics of the theory are presented by Erich von Daeniken in a popular but nonetheless still convincing and mostly very reasonable way. A modern series as of 2009  “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel cannot – alas – at all neither intellectually nor factually compete with the aforementioned 1990s classic, though the pilot was a kind of summary of “Auf den Spuren der Allmächtigen “. Though a few new images and models are presented in a decent way, “Ancient Aliens” has done in my opinion on one hand a lot of damage to the standing of the theory in the perception of the public as the “non-alien” side of the theory is not presented at all; and on the other nonetheless reached an international audience like never before.

Who is Erich von Daeniken?

Dr. h.c. Erich von Daeniken is a world famous author from Switzerland and co-founder of the AAS RA. He is most famous for his book Chariots of the Gods (Erinnerungen an die Zukunft in German), which was published against extreme resistance of governmental agencies and the scientific establishment at that time. Daeniken worked as THE door opener for the Ancient Astronaut Theory and it became widely known internationally due to him. Daeniken’s greatest merit is the sheer amount of historical anomalies that he has accumulated and documented. As Daeniken always published such pictures in his books, he enables the readers to connect the dots for themselves. Mistakes he admitted freely without discarding the Ancient Astronaut Theory as such. A mature Daeniken as of the 2000s strongly emphasizes elements of cargo cults within all world-religions as much as out of place artifacts and prehistoric depictions of beings with halos that can be found all over the world. Additionally, he upholds Nobel Laureate Svante Arrhenius’s Panspermia Theory and explains with it the obvious similarity between mankind and their anthropomorphic gods. As he travelled and documented personally all places and historical sites himself during his life, his lifework is transferred into the Erich von Daeniken Foundation in order to enable future generations of scientists and interested parties to continue his work. In my opinion his first book Chariots of the Gods must have been considered such a danger by government authorities that they artificially indicted and obviously wrongly convicted von Daeniken for embezzlement despite he had duly paid all of his creditors (who he needed to raise funds in order to publish the first book) before proceedings even started. Needless to say that this government trick came too late. Unlike Sitchin’s academic writing style, Daeniken’s books are more hands on and remind of those of a travel book writer.

Who is Zecharia Sitchin?

Zecharia Sitchin was a private scholar, orientalist and Ancient Astronaut Theory Proponent. His strength was in the exegesis of texts in Sumerian, Akkadian and Hebrew, while I do not necessarily agree with some of his archeological interpretations regarding the origin and being of the so-called gods. Sitchin translated and compared old texts in a new, non-conformist way and shed new light of what was really written in the Bible and also in the old Sumerian texts that are evidently precursors of much of the first quarter of the Old Testament. Equipped with a degree in Economic History from London Business School and a fluency in Hebrew due to his upbringing in Palestine, he entered the field publicly relatively late in 1976 when he was already in his fifties. His previous career included to be editor at the Jerusalem Post. His diligent exegesis of the old scriptures shed new light on events that took place when the gods were still among the humans. Sitchin made the public for example aware that the quest of world famous King Gilgamesh of the Gilgamesh Epic was about his wish to become in fact immortal (from a normal human’s point of view at least). Gilgamesh was the son of the human Lugalbanda and the lower goddess Ninsun. Therefore, Gilgamesh argued that he was entitled to obtain immortality ( as it was perceived by the humans who conceived the extreme lifespans of the gods as immortality ) because he was 2/3 godlike due to his mother being a goddess. The original translation of this passage is attributed to Samuel Noah Kramer whose translation system Sitchin learned and adapted and whom Sitchin always respected as his academic teacher. Sitchin, however, tirelessly mentioned this passage in his books that were published far before the 1990s. And what did we learn in the late 1990s? Right, we learned that maternal genes dominate in a cell of a descendant by 2/3 to 1/3 because mitochondrial DNA is only given to a child by the mother. How could King Gilgamesh know that 5000 long years ago and claim his maternal heritage as a “god” based on his descend if Sumeria was just one bronze age culture out of the mainstream history book? And how good did Sitchin actually work to stand to his believe that this number of 2/3 in the Gilgamesh Epos was of paramount importance to find the truth, and that decades before genetics finally found out the mechanism of maternal mitochondria DNA. I had the honor to be in contact with him by correspondence during his last two years of his life which ended on 09/10/2010 as nonegarian. I found him an honest, philanthropic gentleman and a great scholar whom I miss very much. Just as Zecharia in Hebrew means “Remembered by God”, we too will remember what you have taught us and will share this knowledge with others.

Who is Graham Hancock?

Graham Hancock is a former East Africa Correspondent of The Economist and journalist. He came for the first time to the fringes of mainstream publicity when he wrote the book ‘Lords of Poverty’ that critically dealt with development aid from the rich countries extended towards the poor ones. In his book he gave evidence that the funds usually do not reach the poor but are mainly lost in the pockets of the middle men and their cronies.

Later on he published works like ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ and ‘Underworld’ where he heavily advocates the theory that there must have been a root civilization before our know history that seeded after cataclysmic events the historically known civilizing like the ones in Malta, Egypt, India and South America. At various points I can sense inspiration by Zecharia Sitchin in Hancock’s work though he does not acknowledge him. Altogether, Hancock’s approach in style reminds me of a mix between Sitchin’s college and Michael Cremo’s academic writing style and it is clear that he tries to stay as much as possible within the realm of established academia though giving new impulses to it. In a later interview (Wilcock), he speculates that knowledge about the true history of mankind seems to be suppressed and he refers in general to a mankind in amnesia, a term coined by Freudian Psychologist Immanuel Velikovsky (whom Hancock also does not acknowledge) who also believed that mankind survived a cataclysmic event and developed afterwards a collective amnesia about the events.

Though Hancock vehemently denies being involved with the Ancient Astronaut theory, he nonetheless clearly states in aforementioned interview that he sees Alien visitations of earth as a possibility and he obviously even expands this notion towards parallel universes, which he experienced in shamanistic sessions in the Amazon basin. I share his perception of a seed civilization of mankind before the flood in full and I hail his research together with Robert Bauval (The Orion Mystery) about the constellation of Orion in connection with the Egyptian landscape of about 12500 years ago. Hancock also found that Angkor Vat in Cambodia is built according to the constellation of Draco as it was, again, 12500 years ago. Finally noteworthy: the lion shaped Sphinx of Giza would also have also the constellation of Leo at the spring equinox about 12500 years ago, whereas at her alleged ‘mainstream’ building date, she would have faced Taurus. Needless to mention that the great flood after the Last Glacial Maximum (LGC) happened shortly before that time and would have triggered a high civilization to find new places in order to start again. Hancock is smeared like all other scientists who perceive a history before the flood as pseudo archeologist. Witchhunts in the 21. Century. Congratulations to the Mainstream!


How about yourself? You favour Hancock’s ideas and the Ancient Astronaut Theory at the same time?

Yes, as a matter of fact I do. Like Hancock, I see no need for aliens as a source of explanation for the Pyramids and other fantastic examples of architecture and hidden, superior knowledge (like Precession) of the ancients. I see clearly a sea faring seed / root civilization that some may call Atlantis and others Atzlan and the like. However, when we come to pre-flood history, we are entering another field. And there I follow Sitchin’s line of thought that the Sumerian and other old epics orally originating from the times before the flood, clearly describe ‘gods’ on earth. Those gods on earth – especially according to the Sumerian context – always create mankind for one or another reason. The most striking genesis is given by the Sumerians once more, where a lower being was upgraded by using the seed of the blood of the gods after many failed experiments towards the modern human being. Sitchin identifies this lower being as Homo erectus and the upgraded ‘result’ as Homo sapiens. The larger modern version Homo sapiens sapiens, Sitchin attributed to intermarriage between the extraterrestrial gods of Sumer (Annunaki = those who from heaven to earth came) and Homo sapiens. These Sumerian events are also clearly described in the Thora and in the Bible where the Sons of the gods intermarried with the daughters of earth and where the gods (note: in the original text in Hebrew is written ‘Elohim’ which can be translated as the Lords or the Gods – but in any way as plural). The same scriptures also remark that the gods fashioned mankind in their likeness, which explains the compatibility between them and the daughters of earth.

How this all connects in detail I will describe in my own book on such subjects that will be published in 2016 or 2017.


Eckankar is the religion of the light and sound of God. Core believes are Karma and Reincarnation. Different to the concept of sin, Karma itself is neither good nor bad. It is simply the result of our actions taken into context and worked out either way. Eternal damnation or hopelessness do not exist. Reincaranation is the acknowledgement that soul (higher or bigger self)  is the main player in existence and not the “I consciousness ” (little self) one has. Soul is made from the same fabric like God but lacks originally maturity and experience. This lack causes the need for being manifested = incarnated in the physical planes in order to develop stepwise from lower forms to higher forms. At the end of this way stands mastership in a lifetime and ECKANKAR may be the way for the invidiual to obtain it. ECKANKAR states that soul exists because God loves it. It has been re-opened for the public eye by Paul Twitchell in 1965 and is currently headed by Harold Klemp.