First Intermediate Period


The First Intermediate Period is a really obscured Period, as we only know so little about it, and we have to depend on estimates. There have definitely been four historical kings (with some found facts).

Dynasties VII through X reflect the internal chaos of the period. The VII. was little more than a coalition of Memphite nobles struggling to maintain some kind of central authority. The VIII. managed to control the general area around Memphis, as far south as Coptos, and one king, Ibi, erected a pyramid at Sakkara. IX. and X. were confederations of nobles around Heracleopolis in Middle Egypt; the XI. saw the rise of Thebes. Tombs at Sakkara and local necropolis.

However, there can well have been more than the four kings. Manetho said there were 19, and the Turin Canon gave 18. The last word about the Period, therefore may well depend on some discovery to clarify who and how many these historical kings were.

VII Dynasty
No known historical kings

VIII Dynasty
Qakara Ibi

IX Dynasty
No known historical kings
Achthôês ?

X Dynasty
Meryibre Khety
Nebkaure Akhtoy