Bavarians, 508-806

The confederation of the Bavarii was a relatively late creation. The original tribe in the area, the Rugians, were destroyed 487 by Odoacer in their attempt to invade Italy. The Bavarians formed in their place.

Later, when Justinian succeeded in destroying the Ostrogoths (552), the Bavarians moved south of the Danube, but about the same time they also came under the control of the Franks. Thus, the line of Dukes, after Frankish suzerainty, continues until formal annexation by Charlemagne in 788.

Kings of the Bavarii

Theodo I 508-512
Theodo II 512-537
Theodo III 537-565
Theodobald I 537-567
Garibald I 550-590
Grimwald I 590-595
Tassilo I 591-609
Garibald II 609-640
Agilolf 609-630
Theodo IV 640-680
Theodo V 680-702
Theodobert 702-725
Grimwald II 702-723
Theodobald II 702-715
Tassilo II 702-730
Hubert 725-737
Odilo 737-748
Tassilo III 748-788

annexed by the Franks