Parlement Mondial

World Parliament? Negotiating Peace?

As there are many attempts out there to form a World Parliament, I would like to say that I worked for the Cypriot section of the bigger general Parlement Mondial movements from 2004 – 31.12.2010 as Peace Ambassador who negotiated at times with certain leaders. I leftin 2010  because I believe that PMSP tries to achieve its goals with the means of the 19th Century whereas we are obviously in the 21st already. Nonetheless, PMSP is one step of the consequent development from the thought of a world-parliament as originally formulated in 1842 by Alfred Tennyson. Many organizations strive to continue where he began. The League of Nations failed because her moral founder, President Woodrow Wilson and especially his advisors betrayed Germany with his 14 point programme and therefore they failed the world! The UNO fails way too often because she is born ouf of a coalition of countries (WWII Allies) against another group of countries (WWII Axies) during a world war. Afterwards UNO established a rule of 5 nations as overlords over our earth in form the the so-called security council containing Communist China, Russia, France, England and the USA. It is obvious that this rule over the world is a modern, nation-state-based dictatorship in the guise of democracy and so we see that UNO in the present form has no future and needs an urgent reform in order to further the cause of Pan Terra, One World. The 2003 invasion of Iraq by the USA and the Annexation of the Crimea in 2014 were major event showing the break down of the old Westphalian system to the world. Nowadays, a plethora of organizations call themselves Parlement Mondial/World Parliament according to the famous wording of Alfred Tennyson. We see that a number of organizations came and went, however, it is evident that right now the idea of a world parliament is more sustainable than ever before as demand by a new world citizenship for justice, fairness and cooperation is growing and the will to negotiate and manage conflict is at least beginning to take hold in the peoples’ minds. People are tired of neo-socialism, neo-fascim, neo-colonialism, neo-imperialism, neo-whatsover of the old oppressive ways. People want democracy and liberty according to their own tradition and they want representation in a world body according to the number of their voters. One world is doable but it has to be implemented as a logical step of the development of mankind as a result of managed conflicts and careful and just negotiation. A republican structure and democratic decision making must be the foundation of this noble goal that touches us all regardless of sex, nationality and culture.

About the Parlement Mondial of Cypriot origin

The Parlement Mondial (PMSP) has operated for over 33 years in Palermo, Sicily. It is an intergovernmental organization of States, founded originally by constituting charter of the Republics of Cyprus, Senegal and Mali on 15th December 1975 and had in prime times parliamentary and diplomatic delegations in more than 130 Nations. Originally it was located in Nicosia, Cyprus and headed by its founder orthodox Archbishop Monsignor Makarios III, who also was President of Cyprus at that time.

Founders of the Parlement Mondial (PMSP) are the orthodox Archbishops Monsignor V. Busa & who is first president of the Board of States for the life protection, and the late orthodox Archbishop Monsignor Makarios III, former president of the Republic of Cyprus.

The international presidency with seat in Palermo, main city of Sicily, was headed by Monsignor Bishop V. Busa. President Bishop Makarios III of Cyprus was the first Secretary General. After his death  in 1977, Spyros Kyprianou, the then new president of the Republic of Cyprus, succeeded him and took up the vice-chair in 1987 and the Parlement Mondial signed a convention of cooperation with the University of Peace of the United Nations, which is located  in Costa Rica. After the death of Bishop Busa in 2013, the PMSP splintered into three quarrelling successor groups.

I would like to mention that during my time (2004 – 2010) with Parlement Mondial I was able to negotiate the membership and full support of the following dignitaries and statesmen for the world parliament movement:


Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia

President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maledives

President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia

Prime Minister Michael Somare of Papua New Guinea





Supreme Council of the Presidency


Ruling presidents of sovereign nations who are involved with the Parlment Mondial:

H.E. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo *Brig General Ret
President of
the Republic of Equatorial Guinea
1. Vice President of the International Parliament since 1995

H.E.  Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias *Army Colonel
President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
2. International Vice President since 1999

H.E.  Yahya Jammeh *Army Colonel
President of the Republic of The Gambia
3. International Vice President since 2008

H.E.  Djibo Salou*Army General
President of the Republic of Niger
4. International Vice President since 2010


Secretary General : H.E. Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives since 2008


Grand Chancellor : vacant



Members of the Supreme Council of the Presidency

Sen. Dr. Joaquin Balaguer (+), former President of the Dominican Republic
Sen. Prof. Rodrigo C. Odio (+), former President of Costa Rica
Sen. Spyros Kyprianou (+), former President of Cyprus
Sen. Dr. Hugh D. Hoyte (+), former President of Guyana
Archbishop Makarios III (+), former President of Cyprus
Sen. Dr. Franjo Tudjman (+), former President of Croatia
Sen. Lius. A. Siles Salinas, former President of Bolivia
Sen. Mircea Snegur, former President of Moldova
Sen. Mario Soares, former President of Portugal
Sen. Moussa Traore, former President of Mali
Sen. Ing. Juan Carlos Wasmosy, former President of Paraguay
Sen. H.E. President General Lansana Conte (+), Guinea